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    Bespoke Career Immersion Data Courses in London

  • Prepare for the future. Reinvent yourself.
    Launch your career.



    Our full-immersion programme will be completely tailored to your goals and interests and you will learn from Data Mentors that currently work in the industry.



    We deliver focused career development sessions to help you launch your career and land the job you want in the Data industry.



    Join us in London and live in our hub in Victoria together with the Data Mentors and Career Coaches that will guide you through every stage of the process. Connect with members of the industry and meet potential employers.

  • Bespoke Learning Programme

    Our data mentors all work in the Data Analytics industry across booming start-ups in London. They know what it really takes to develop the necessary skills to build your career as a Data Analyst. You will focus on learning basic and practical coding skills, database management, web analytics, using statistical analysis, APIs, and machine learning.

    Our teachers will give you daily support and assign you projects to complete during the duration of the course. Coding languages will include Python and SQL.

  • Career Development

    We spare no expense to make sure everything runs smoothly when you are looking for your ideal job. Our career coaches will provide continuous support in your job applications.

    We will help you on the journey of deciding what job you want, building your CV, designing your cover letter, growing your network, and learning about the industry. This is Career Coaching made simple.

  • Living & Networking in London

    From day one, you will join us in our hub in London where you will meet the data mentors and career coaches that will be guiding you throughout your course.

    We will help you deal with all the admin upon moving so that you can focus on what matters most - your career.

  • A Unique Opportunity

    346,000 new jobs

    New jobs in Data Analytics in the UK by 2020

    £32,000 per year

    Average Data Analyst salary for entry-level jobs in London

    45% growth

    Growth in demand for Data Analysts over the last year

    6th best job in the UK

    Ranked by Glassdoor as the 6th best job in the UK

  • How It Works

    Become a Data Analyst the smart way



    The process starts by completing an application form. If you meet the requirements you will then interview with our data mentors and career coaches. We want to find out more about yourself and your career aspirations to build a bespoke learning and career programme.



    If successful in your application you will join us in our hub in London in Belgrave street. From day 1 you will be living with your data mentors & career coaches who will teach you everything you need to know.


    Data Analytics

    You kick off the programme fully immersing yourself in developing the skills in Data Analytics (coding skills, database querying, APIs, machine learning, web analytics). You will be working from a desk in a co-working location during the days and attending seminars run by our data mentors in the evenings.


    Career Plan

    Our career coaches will arrange frequent catch ups and assign you a detailed career plan so you can develop a network, meet potential employers, and build a successful application.


    Land the Job

    We aim to help you successfully land a job as a Data Analyst in an industry that you are interested in. We offer a money-back guarantee if you do not manage to find a job as a Data Analyst within 3 months of completing the course.

  • Our Programmes

    Choose the option that works best for you

    Full-immersion (co-living)

    Our 2-month full-immersion version of the Belgrave Valley programme. Work and live in our hub in London together with our Data Mentors and Career Coaches.

    £2,750 per month for 2 months


    This is the same as our full-immersion programme but it excludes accommodation. This course is aimed at those people that already live in London or if you have a place to stay.

    £2,000 per month for 2 months

  • Your Data Mentors & Career Coaches

    A friendly team to support you in your journey


    Data Mentor

    Ignacio works as a Data Analyst at an award winning startup in London. His work is in the automotive industry. Ignacio designs the courses for each of our students focusing on picking the modules and skills that will best prepare you to land the job in the industry that you are targeting.


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    Data Mentor

    Paco is a Data Analyst in the Fintech industry. He has also worked as a teacher in General Assembly. He focuses on developing projects for our students to help them build their practical skills and abilities to apply their knowledge in realistic working scenarios.


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    Career Coach

    Dina is currently working as an implementation analyst at a global healthcare technology startup. She is currently focused on the healthcare data field. She has helped and supported many graduates with their job applications and is successful in helping people find their ideal next step in their career.


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    Career Coach

    Pablo is currently working at a global investment fund. He provides all forms of career coaching support. From helping you build your network to creating a successful job application; he focuses on helping our students to land the job they want.


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