• Learning the trade of a Data Analyst

    What will you learn during the course?

    Command line and Git

    Learn how to navigate through your files and share work across your team.

    This is important as it will help you navigate faster around the computer. You'll have to use Git to share code with your peers. It will be one of the starting points of your daily work.

    Coding with Python

    Learn Python and it's main packages.

    This is one of the main programming languages a Data Analyst uses on a daily basis so it is important for you to learn the basics and its main functions & packages.

    Working with Data Sources - SQL & APIs

    Learn everything about databases and different data sources.

    The data you need to analyze in your job will usually be stored in your database. It is important to understand your database structure and being able to query the data you need in a smart way.

    Probability and Statistics

    Learn the basics of Probability and Statistics in Python.

    You will need to understand basic statistical concepts such as descriptive statistics and an introduction to Bayesian statistics to better understand your data and decide the best way to analyse it

    Machine Learning

    Learn the main machine learning algorithms.

    You will use machine learning techniques in many different projects. You can apply it to prevent fraud, to improve your marketing campaigns, or just to gain better insights about your users.

    Presentation and Reporting

    Learn the best reporting tools.

    You’ll have to present and report your analysis to different stakeholders. We’ll show you the best tools to impress your audience.

  • Getting a job as a Data Analyst

    Bespoke and fully dedicated career support

    Tailored Career Planning

    Detailed career plan to follow during the 2-month course.

    Job positions update and suggestions for companies to apply to.

    If we consider your profile could match a particular opportunity we will also provide referrals through our own network.

    Building your Network

    We will help you build a network in the industry.

    You will attend company events and meet the Data community.

    We will provide advice on how to approach employers to increase your chances of securing the job.

    Application Preparation & Support

    Optimise and tailor your CV to the jobs you are applying to.

    Writing impactful cover letters.

    Completing online application questions and tests.

    We provide ongoing support through the full duration of the course with any question or problem you have.

    Interview Preparation

    Intensive training with our Data Mentors and Career Coaches.

    How to answer competency and technical questions.

    How to present yourself in the best way possible.

  • A typical week at Belgrave

    A new approach to Data Analyst training

    Mornings - Flexible Routine

    • Tasks and project independent work from co-working space
    • Fully dedicated email and call support to answer any questions you might have
    • You have complete flexibility to arrange your day the way you like

    Evenings - 6-9pm Seminars

    • One-to-one session with Data Mentor/Career Coach
    • Review the work completed during the day
    • Help with questions, tasks, and projects
    • Setting goals for the next day
    • Some evenings will be spent networking

    Weekends - Saturdays 10am-6pm

    • One-to-one intensive session with a Data Mentor
    • Working on completing a particular Data project
    • Reviewing your career progress

    Ongoing Basis

    • Social activities planned during the weekends
    • Meet-ups with employees of different startups that are part of our network
    • Full support during your stay in the Belgrave hub
  • What does the course price include?

    The opportunity is clear



    Live in our hub in central London with our Data Mentors & Career Coaches (part-time courses exclude accommodation).


    Work Space

    Work during the day from a desk in a modern co-working space.


    Bespoke Content

    Our mentors hand-pick the most relevant and specific courses to suit your goals.


    Career Support

    Tailored and completely dedicated career support throughout the duration of the course.


    Money-Back Policy

    Money-back guarantee - If you do not manage to secure a job 3 months after you have finished the course we will return 50% of the full cost of the course.


    200hrs of Classes

    200 hours of Data Mentoring and Career Support with a 1 to 1 teacher to student ratio.


    Diverse Network

    Access to our network of Data Analysts and Data Scientists in London.


    Social Activities

    Social activities in London.


    Our Community

    Lifetime membership to the Belgrave Valley community.


    Unique Skillset

    Universally valuable skill for modern day jobs.

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  • Visit Belgrave Valley

    Are you in London or planning to visit the city? Let us know and we can arrange some time to meet the team, visit the hub, and find out more about our course and the opportunity.

    7 Belgrave Rd, London SW1V 1QB
    +44 07818 504765