• Cost of the programme

    How does the money-back guarantee work?

    We are very confident in our ability to help you land the job you want. We will compromise to return the full cost of the programme if you do not manage to find a job as a data analyst (paying >£30k) within 3 months of completing the course.

    Do I have to pay if I decide to leave early?

    If you decide to leave the programme after 2-weeks of being into the course you will have to pay us a total fee of £500 for leaving early.


    What are the requirements to apply?

    All the conditions we ask of our applicants are:

    1) Have completed a Bachelor Degree

    2) Have a minimum of 6 months internship experience in any industry

    3) Have an idea of the industry and area that you want to work in as a Data Analyst

    4) Be very self-motivated, disciplined, and eager to learn

    Can I apply if I do not live in London?

    Yes! If you are admitted you will join us in our 2-month full-immersion Data Camp in our hub in London. You will have all living arrangements sorted out for you so that you can focus straight away on what matters most - your career!

    What is the application process like?

    There are several stages of our application process:

    1) Complete and submit our application form.

    2) If we like your profile we will arrange an interview with some of our teachers and career mentors.

    3) If successful we will get in touch to find out more about your career goals, plans, and interests so that we can build your bespoke full-immersion data camp.

    4) You join us at our hub in London!