• How It Works

    Become a Data Analyst the smart way



    The process starts by completing an application form. If you meet the requirements you will then interview with our data mentors and career coaches. We want to find out more about yourself and your career aspirations to build a bespoke learning and career programme.



    If successful in your application you will join us in our hub in London in Belgrave street. From day 1 you will be living with your data mentors & career coaches who will teach you everything you need to know.


    Data Analytics

    You kick off the programme fully immersing yourself in developing the skills in Data Analytics (coding skills, database querying, APIs, machine learning, web analytics). You will be working from a desk in a co-working location during the days and attending seminars run by our data mentors in the evenings.


    Career Plan

    Our career coaches will arrange frequent catch ups and assign you a detailed career plan so you can develop a network, meet potential employers, and build a successful application.


    Land the Job

    We aim to help you successfully land a job as a Data Analyst in an industry that you are interested in. We offer a money-back guarantee if you do not manage to find a job as a Data Analyst within 3 months of completing the course.

  • What does the course price include?

    The opportunity is clear



    Live in our hub in central London with our Data Mentors & Career Coaches (part-time courses exclude accommodation).


    Work Space

    Work during the day from a desk in a modern co-working space.


    Bespoke Content

    Our mentors hand-pick the most relevant and specific courses to suit your goals.


    Career Support

    Tailored and completely dedicated career support throughout the duration of the course.


    Money-Back Policy

    Money-back guarantee - If you do not manage to secure a job 3 months after you have finished the course we will return 50% of the full cost of the course.


    200hrs of Classes

    200 hours of Data Mentoring and Career Support with a 1 to 1 teacher to student ratio.


    Diverse Network

    Access to our network of Data Analysts and Data Scientists in London.


    Social Activities

    Social activities in London.


    Our Community

    Lifetime membership to the Belgrave Valley community.


    Unique Skillset

    Universally valuable skill for modern day jobs.

  • Visit Belgrave Valley

    Are you in London or planning to visit the city? Let us know and we can arrange some time to meet the team, visit the hub, and find out more about our course and the opportunity.

    Princelet Street, E1 5LP, London
    +44 07818 504765
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    "You don't need to be an expert to try something new"

  • A typical week at Belgrave

    A new approach to Data Analyst training

    Mornings - Flexible Routine

    • Tasks and project independent work
    • You have complete flexibility to arrange your day the way you like

    Evenings - 6-9pm Seminars

    • One-to-one session with Data Mentor/Career Coach
    • Review the work completed during the day
    • Help with questions, tasks, and projects
    • Setting goals for the next day
    • Some evenings will be spent networking

    Weekends - Saturdays 10am-6pm

    • One-to-one intensive session with a Data Mentor
    • Working on completing a particular Data project
    • Reviewing your career progress

    Ongoing Basis

    • Social activities planned during the weekends
    • Meet-ups with employees of different startups that are part of our network
    • Full support during your stay in the Belgrave hub
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