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Javier Fernandez - Success Story

Data Analyst at SportPursuit, London

Having dropped out of a Physics degree, and with no previous work experience or secure career options in Spain, Javier Fernandez moved to London to learn english. A few months later he joined Belgrave Valley so he could immerse himself in the world of Data Science. Javier has now joined the leading sport flash sales site SportPursuit in London, where he will be working as a Data Analyst.

“Belgrave Valley gave me the tools and knowledge to use all of my technical skills in the real world of business. I never thought that the transition to getting a job in London would be so smooth.”

What did you study?

I studied Physics for 4 years at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in Spain. I have always had an interest in solving problems from a scientific angle, conducting experiments and testing ideas mathematically. However, the traditional career paths that the science world offers were not appealing to me.

After 4 years studying physics, and with probably another 2 left to finish my degree, I felt like the path I was going through didn’t make much sense. I decided to take a break and focus on improving my English.

In the summer of 2018 I moved to Brighton and signed up for different English courses. What initially seemed like a gap year to learn English quickly became a transition to the world of Data Science as I joined the Belgrave Valley Bootcamp and 5 months later I started working as a Data Analyst in a fast growing start up in London.

Why Belgrave Valley?

While I was in Brighton I met with a good friend of mine who had just finished the Belgrave Valley Bootcamp and had just started working as a Business Analyst. Hearing him describe his job and the field of Data Science was very interesting. To me, working with Data offers the perfect mix of mathematics, programming and business! I realized that it was exactly what I was looking for. Data Science was the way to make use of my natural interest in statistical analysis and science to create powerful and actionable insights in the real world.

Before signing up to Belgrave Valley I researched other courses and alternatives (bootcamps, Masters, online courses…). Belgrave Valley stood out for their practical approach of teaching. The mentors are industry professionals that teach you the same techniques that they use at their jobs. For me, this pragmatic approach was really important due to my lack of professional experience at that point.

It was a key point that they also give importance to business education. You first learn the programming skills and then apply these to solving typical problems the companies of today can face.

What was your experience like?

Every day I was learning new things I could apply to my projects. I was analyzing interesting data to solve all types of problems. The project I am the most proud of was analysing the Data produced by many different Tinder users and coming to conclusions such as when was the best time of the day to send a message. That is the good thing about working with Data, you can apply it to almost every field!

The opportunity to live in London is also great. The house is in central London and close to many cool locations like Brick Lane, Spitalfields Market or the trendy Shoreditch area.

What are you doing now?

Amazingly, even not having finished my physics degree I was able to find a job quickly after my course. Companies these days do not care what or where you studied, they want to see you are able to use the tools that a Data Analyst will be using on a daily basis. However, my not so strong english, short time in London and lack of professional experience made me sceptic on whether I would be able to secure a job as fast as my mentors where assuring me but the moment I started applying I instantly started having interviews. Apparently I had built an interesting profile. In the final stages I even had to make a decision on which company I wanted to work on as I got an offer from two different companies

I finally decided to join SportPursuit. SportPursuit is the leading sport flash sales site. They organise daily sales with some of the best brands in all kinds of sports that are sent to their users. I chose them because of my interest on the industry and the amazing vibe I got through their selection process. In my interviews I met Data Scientists that really inspired me. They have a very young team with people from all around the world.

I will be looking at the Data that the website produces and try to better understand things like how to improve customer retention rate, what is the best time to launch a sale, or how could we attract more customers to our website.

If you are interested in finding out more about Javier and his time at Belgrave Valley get in touch with him:

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