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Carlos Cutillas - Success Story

Business Intelligence Analyst at Vinterior, London

When Carlos Cutillas graduated from the Business Administration program at CUNEF in Madrid, he knew he wanted to end up working as a business consultant. Aware of the increasing technical requirements for junior entry roles at consultancy firms, Carlos decided to enroll in Belgrave Valley’s Data Science bootcamp. He is now working as a Business Analyst at Vinterior, a fast growing startup in London. Carlos is developing his ability to work with programming languages (Python, SQL…) as well as learning how a fast-paced company works. In the future, he is looking to join a consultancy firm.

“Belgrave Valley helped me launch my career in Business in a fast growing startup in London.”

What did you study?

I studied Business Administration at CUNEF University in Madrid. I really enjoy understanding the way companies work and how to improve their performance. I knew I wanted to work as a consultant helping companies solve problems they face and I took a lot of modules in business strategy, marketing, and operations.

Why did you decide to join a Data Science Bootcamp?

During the 3rd year of my degree I completed an internship at Santander in the UK. We did a lot of work based on Excel and I quickly realized the importance of being able to work with data, analysing large datasets and extrapolating useful business insights. I talked with many Consultants who told me the growing need for analysts with programming abilities and how the entry requirements for junior consultants are becoming more and more technical.

To start learning about Data I signed up to a few online courses in Data Science but I was finding it really hard to learn on my own. I decided I would join a Data Science bootcamp after finishing my degree.

Why Belgrave Valley?

After looking at several other options, I decided to settle on Belgrave Valley. Belgrave Valley is a London-based data science bootcamp offering career counseling, networking, and programming training that prepares students to launch their career in the field of Business Analytics and Data Science in London. To me, Belgrave Valley offered a good balance between theory and practical work and really allowed me to learn how to find a Data Science related job in London’s competitive labour market.

Where are you working now?

I joined Belgrave Valley in June 2018 and one month after finishing the course I started working for Vinterior as a Business Intelligence analyst. Vinterior is a fast growing online marketplace for Vintage furniture. My role involves working with all the Product Managers helping them solve their problems by providing them insightful analysis using programming.

A recent project I have been working on has been building a cost forecaster by using python and regression analysis which allows our customers to receive an estimated cost of delivery for their purchases.

I really enjoy what I do. Being able to provide useful insights to the management team that they didn't know about before by just analysing all the the Data that the company produces is fascinating.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

I am now focused on developing my ability to work with programming languages (Python, SQL…) and improving my understanding of data analysis. In the future, I would like to be able to utilise these skills working for a large consulting firm helping solve complex problems for different businesses.

If you are interested in finding out more about Carlos and his time at Belgrave Valley get in touch with him:

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